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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 16, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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reality. >> thanks to my panel and all for watching. hope to see you right here next week. new accusations president obama is traveling all over your constitution aal rights and no y to stop him. republicans today talking about claim that president obama is abusing the powers of his office, changing the rule fooba by day without the approval of congress. national correspondent steve in washington with more. >> this latest firestorm was ignited when president obama as you know last week, when
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president obama made further change to the employer mandate. the administration announcing that medium size companies will have an extra year to comply with the requirement that they must provide health care coverage to full time employees. today republicans blasted the president for overstepping his bounds and violating the constitution by acting on his own and then reacted to administration claims that the new delay gives businesses more flexibility. >> if the companies need flexibility, then the solution there is not to ignore the law, to pretend that the law allows this sort of thing to happen. the solution is for the president to come to congress. it is not the president's prerogative to simply make this the law by the stroke of the executive pen. >> now large he company had already gotten a one-year reprieve from the mandate of obamacare. this time companies with 50 to 99 workers will get more time to comply. democrats say this is only fair and is largely applauded by business groups. >> the same authority that every
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president has had to make sure that the laws are administered and executed in a way that helps all americans. the president simply providing small businesses with the flexibility they need to be able to start do thatting the law. small businesses support the flexibility. >> those medium size companies now have until 2016 to provide health care coverage to the full time employees. >> live in washington. thanks very much. is president obama acting as a government of one? we're going to put that very question to john fund, columnist for the national review in just a few moments. in the meantime, secretary of state john kerry mocking climb change. naysayers during his recent visit to indonesia. secretary kerry comparing the nonbelievers to those who insisted the earth is flat. and accuse skeptics of using shoddy science to delay measures to reduce emissions saying that climb change deserves very same attention as the top threats facing the world today.
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>> when i think about the array of global climate, global threats, think about this. terrorism, epidemics, poverty, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, all challenges that don't know borders. the reality is that climate change ranks right up there every sing one of them. ? that speech come one day after secretary kerry made an agreement with china to cooperate more on fighting climate change. at least 11 minors rescued so far in south africa after spending more than a day stuck underground. falling boulders trapped the group as they worked illegally in an band only gold mine. crews there able to clear the entrance to escort them to safety but rescuers believe there may still be dozens more underground refusing to the to the surface.
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it is a major producer of gold and platinum. a fox news alert. the search for two skiers missing after a massive avalanche in colorado ends in tragedy. both the victims have been found dead. after rescue team followed their emergency beacons through very steep terrain. crews say it will be several hours before workers can actually bring their bodies down from the mountain. seven skiers triggered the slide yesterday in a town near denver, injuring three people. the colorado avalanche information center had been warning of very dangerous conditions after weeks of heavy snow in that area. shocking claims straight from the mouth of one of the alleged craigslist killers. pennsylvania teenager miranda barber claiming in a jail house interview that she and her husband not only killed a man she met online in the classifieds but there may have also been a great many more
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victims. brian is in our city newsroom with more. >> the 19-year-old miranda barber confessed that she and her 22-year-old husband elliott murdered 42-year-old in november and in a disturbing phone interview with the daily item numb from inside a pennsylvania prison, miranda gave chilling details. she said they lured him with a craig list ad offering second for $100 on the couple's three-week wedding anniversary, stabbing the victims 20 times as her husband strapped a cord around his neck. quote, saying he said the wrong things and then things got out of control. i can tell you he was not supposed to be stabbed. my husband was just supposed to strangle him. miranda dropped another bombshell claiming she's killed at least 22 others around the country. in alaska, texas, north carolina, and california. saying, quote, i can pinpoint on a map where you can find them. when i hit 22, i stopped counting. miranda said she would lure her
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victims in, study them, befriend them and only went after bad people. the majority of her murders took place in alaska where she joined a satanic cult at age 13, shooting and murdering her first man with the help of the leader of the cult. the police are reviewing the report of the jail house interview and taking her claims very seriously. they're working with investigators from other states and the fbi. miranda told the newspaper she doesn't want to get out of jail because if she was released, she would continue to kill. miranda and her husband will be evaluated by forensic psychiatrists. the prosecution is seeking the death penalty in the case. >> what a story. brian, thanks very much. prosecutors in the so-called loud music trial say they may retry the gunman, michael dunn, on first-degree murder charges. dunn was found guilty on four out of the five counts but the jury could not reach a decision on the most serious charge, first-degree murder, or the
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lesser includeds. he fatally shot jordan davis inside an suv outside a jacksonville gas station after an argument over loud music. he still insists he acted in self-defense. he faces at least 60 years behind bars for his convictions. winter does not seem to want to end. while most of us are absolutely sick of it, there is a bright side to all of this. a silver lining, if you will. brenda who loves this weather will explain the economic upside to this continuous cold. ♪ [ laughter ]
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new england is certainly digging out from that massive snowstorm that blew through overnight. the latest round of win weather did you evering as much as 20 inches of the white stuff and thousands of folk this hour without power. meteorologist janice in the fox weather center. >> hi, greg. impressive snow totals. especially across maine. where they receive 20 inches of snow in princeton. 17 in hancock, maine, down to rhode island where they received eight inches in parts of connecticut close to six inches of snow. and we're done with this system. we're going to watch another one develop across parts of the midwest and the great lakes over the next 12 to 24 hours. we have more systems making their way into the northwest. but this one is going to give us several inches of snow from the upper midwest across the ohio valley and we could see a mix of freezing rain and or sleet as this system moves eastward. mainly a rain event across tennessee and kentucky.
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then into tuesday. tuesday morning for the commute, oh, no. d.c. northward looks like more snow for you throughout much of the day. we're not talking about big blockbuster snow totals but certainly for the winter weary, it is not good news. there's your forecast snowfall through friday. again, upper midwest could see anywhere from six to 12 inches and several inches for new england. we will monitor this one very carefully. we do have a bit of a silver lining, greg, as we head throughout much of the workweek. temperatures are on the rise. so look at washington, d.c. 61 on wednesday. watching that system on tuesday for new york. warming up nicely for wednesday. same with boston into the 40s and we could actually get into the 50s by the end of the workweek. also watching the northwest. we've got another system moving in here. several inches of rain and mountain snow. this is a good news story as they are very dry across this region. greg? back to you. >> thanks very much.
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for millions of americans, this seems like the win that will not quit. we have certainly seen our fair share of bitter snow and ice. it is everything from airline delays and lousy retail sales through but there could be an economic silver lining. winter businesses are booming. senior business correspondent, anchor of bowls and bears. here in new york 16 inches is the average. we're at 54 already and it is going up. there is a silver lining, isn't there? >> yes. you cannot get a snow shovel anywhere and don't even try to buy salt. but there are a lot of places are. are doing well. in atlanta where they don't need anything but shorts and t-shirts. they've been buying mittens and gear. there are a lot of companies that will benefit like that like the company that has timberland. >> north face. and then under armor is another one so yeah. in fact, i think online, the
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shops who sell cold weather gear, they're up 22% over last year. >> when i dropped some bucks over at tommy bahama about a week ago in anticipation of my vacation to mexico that is now canceled -- >> you would have been lying in the sun today! >> i would have looked so good in tommy bahama but i'm among the 6,000 folks who got their air flights canceled. sellers of propane, for example, huge profits. >> in some cases, five time as much as it was last year. inl, the highest price is $4.27 a gallon. yes. you need to heat your homes. >> salt suppliers, plumbers, tourism in warm weather climates. they're doing pretty big business. >> yeah. so many pipes have been bursting in places where they're not used to it. we're used to that here. texas, new mexico, plummers are doing booming business. >> what about online retailers? who wants to brave the cold in slippery roads to get to a brick
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and mortar when you can sit in your oompa loompa pjs and order online. >> what color are your pjs. >>? red and black they will have the feet on them too. i'm sorry to reveal so much. >> the mind reels. absolutely. you want to sit in your pajamas and order online and people are buying. they're not going to the small shops. but they are going online and we're seeing significant increase in online sales. >> there is nothing wrong with oompa loompa pjs even when you're my age. do you have a problem with that? no? you're not responding. >> michael, what do you think of that? >> don't tweet me on my oompa loompa pjs. you know, there are a lot of small businesses in some of the suburban communities, for example. and they have such piles. my communal, piles and piles. people cannot park. and i was walking up and down
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the street the other day and talking to the business owners. nobody is coming in because they cannot park. >> the mom and pop and small business that's really suffer in this kind of weather. but again, there is a silver lining. i love this so much that i am planni planning. i'm going to go where there's snow. >> alaska is spectacular. >> that is true. >> so beautiful and breath taking. you're going to look really big looking like the abominable snowman. >> i can wear my oompa loompas there. >> i'll loan you mine. >> i think on tuesday you'll be out in the sun. >> we're going to get canceled again. a big snowstorm is coming. >> mr. optimism. >> that's me. glass half empty. you can catch her on bulls and bears every saturday. she is the glass half full girl.
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>> can president obama change the health care law without going through congress? he's certainly done it before on many occasions. we'll take a look at how he can continue to do all this and what republicans are doing if anything they can do to stop it.
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president obama forced to defend his executive actions yet again after he has changed or delayed his health care law, get this, 29 times. without going through congress. democrats say it's perfectly legal. republicans accuse the president of abusing his power and using executive action for aul terrier motives. >> this is a shameless act. a shameless power grab that is
12:51 pm
designed to help the president and his political party achieve a particular outcome in a partisan election and that's wrong. >> if this were against the constitution, somebody would have sued by now and the president would have had to stop. the president has used executive powers less often than almost every president before him. >> columnist of "national review" magazine joins us from washington. he's not a lawyer, i don't think, so he probably doesn't have a full understanding that you have to have legal standing to sue and congress generally doesn't and with every delay or exemption and 29 of them ordered by the president, the more it delays standing to sue. so, in a way, very clever, isn't it? >> yes. what is different about what president obama is doing is the sweeping nature of his changes. literally saying i'm not going to enforce the law even though there is a date certain in the law. i asked democrats and liberals who is going along with this. what if a different president were doing different things.
12:52 pm
what if we had a president who said the patriot act has sunset clauses that expire automatically. what if i say the law is going to continue and we are going to ignore sunset clauses. what a future president says about obama care. subsidies can only go to exchanges set up by the state. we're not doing this. i'll extend the subsidies to all the americans who are doing them. what would they say then? one of the reasons our system works is depends on people having a dependable, consistent understanding of how the law is going to be enforced. otherwise, it becomes a form of regulatory anarchy. >> a lot of people wonder if obama care is as good as the president claims. he does claim that repeatedly. why would he need to change it 29 times, exemptions, extensions, waivers, delays. that's probably a pretty good question, isn't it? >> the reason is obama care is more popular than when it was passed in 2010. if you went to congress and
12:53 pm
asked for specific changes on the things that are obviously broken that even democrats agree are broken, congressmen would want to go much further and widdle back obama care. he doesn't want to do that because this is his signature accomplishme accomplishment. his name is in the title. >> i want to get back to something you touched on in your first answer. president obama's unilateral changes to something he signed, congress passed. isn't that arguably blatant lawlessness. when you read the letter of the law, pretty inambiguous. supposed to begin january 1st, 2014. the president really doesn't the discretion to change that because it specifically uses and i looked it up, he uses the word shall begin, not may begin. so, shall begin in lawyer language is mandatory, isn't it? >> if congress meant discretion, they would have written it into the law and president obama would have asked for it. look, the supreme court has nine
12:54 pm
times in the last two years ruled unanimously including obama appointees on a wide range of subjects. in a few years a lot of obama care cases are going to reach the supreme court. the changes will reach them in a year or two. i predict that many of these things will ultimately be declared unconstitutional by the courts. but by then the 2014 election will have passed and by then president obama may be leaving office. this is the most short term thinking possible and it does long-term damage to our constitutional framework that we wi will today for many years. >> government of one, which is a very catchy phrase that may catch on. i wonder if the founding faurlths would be really agasp that a president would seize such power and exactly the type of power grab that i suspect the founding fathers which is why they established this elaborate
12:55 pm
system of checks and balances. your thoughts? >> the courts would have been much more active than the founding fathers would have thought in protecting constitutional guard rails. and also congress would have more jealously guarded its perape prerogatives. they're basically saying, we'll go along with this. again, this is long-term damage that they may rule in the future. i really believe that when you have the rule of law and you find itself deficient, you don't replace it with the rule of men because people can't depend on that and our economy is more unstable because people can't predict if a law is going to be enforced or not enforced and throws our entire system and economy into doubt and uncertainty. that is one of the problems we don't have job creation. >> you know, sometimes, john, in an unguarded moment, we do get an insight into the mindset or even ego of a president. president obama was overheard recently saying, i can do whatever i want. whether that's in context or
12:56 pm
not, we can debate it. but does that, to some extent, give americans an insight into the mentality of this president. you know, i am the law, king george iii revisited? >> well, remember where the president comes from politically. he comes out of the daily political machine in chicago. which was all about the arbitrary use of power and the changing of rules from one day to the next and the fact that businesses had to seek favors. the president comes out of a political culture which isn't about consensus and isn't about compromise about my way or the highway. >> all right, john, great to see you. thanks so much for being with us on this sunday. that's it for us "a healthy you" with carol alt is next. relieves more symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. oh what a relief it is.
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pat o'reilly here and we'll be reporting from california and also a special water's world the president's day edition all on the next factor, your life will be better, if you see it. welcome to "a healthy you" i'm carol alt. this is an argument i had with several dieticians i had come on the show. is it okay to skip breakfast? personally i don't think this is a great idea at all. if you miss breakfast you'll make poor diet choices all day long because you're hungry. it's as simple as that. joseph is back to give us his take on the age-old diet question. part of the fitness industry for more than 30 years. can you believe that? you may have even caught him on his popular television show


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